I can write words.

intrigued by many art forms. creativity and comedy keep my heart beating. dancing simulation games make my life more exciting. I am incredibly loyal to those who i hold dear. I am terrible at speaking about myself so I asked a few friends to describe me in one sentence: "Smart, funny, and beautiful woman that has an amazing outlook on life and can cheer anyone up no matter what." "Tessa Tomlin: The Only person in the world whose taste in music is as good as mine." "A poet, a Dollar Tree worker, a lesbian: Tessa Tomlin for pawnee city council."


if u think that there has ever been a greater scene on television think again

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when you ask someone what’s up and they answer “the sky”


when you ask someone where they are and they say “in my skin”


when you ask someone what time it is and they say “time to get a watch”


Why are all of the reactions of black people. I mean white people can give a judgemental look.


When white people say “Why are all of the reactions of black people. I mean white people can give a judgemental look.”


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my dad is texting me to come watch football with him because he taped it and started watching it after me. he is so cute!

seriously tho… someone write in my ask! I don’t even care if you’re mean to me I’m bored as fuck


The thrilling sequel to my mom’s Smash Bros. antics has arrived! This time around my 81 year old grandma takes a shot at trying to name the entire Super Smash Bros. 4 roster, and unfortunately she also mistakes Wii Fit Trainer for Elvis. For all the references she makes more relevant to her generation I also added a side image for reference. I hope everyone enjoys this just as much (if not more) than my mom’s.

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also I just won my first fantasy football match! Thanks Sproles!!

Today a 63 year old man asked me to leave work and come home with him because I am “Hot as hell”. It was interesting…