I can write words.

intrigued by many art forms. creativity and comedy keep my heart beating. dancing simulation games make my life more exciting. I am incredibly loyal to those who i hold dear. I am terrible at speaking about myself so I asked a few friends to describe me in one sentence: "Smart, funny, and beautiful woman that has an amazing outlook on life and can cheer anyone up no matter what." "Tessa Tomlin: The Only person in the world whose taste in music is as good as mine." "A poet, a Dollar Tree worker, a lesbian: Tessa Tomlin for pawnee city council."

every white drama movie ever


Becky: heather, I can’t believe you would do this to me! he’s my ex
Heather: I love him Becky! you’re just jealous
Becky: *GASPS*
Becky: *Tackles heather*
*****Starts fighting******
*****falls down stairs****
Heather & Becky: *Starts laughing while laying on the bottom step*
Heather: what are we doing? it used to never be like this?
Becky: we would never let a guy get to us like this… I promise never to change again.
Heather: *sticks out pinky*

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Yes. I’d like some bird seeds, thank you. and how long does it usually take for the birds to grow.

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So I made my friend Andy watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians last week and he’s already finished four seasons PLUS is ranked 171st in the world at the Kardashian phone app……


—Starlit Path


im so fucked up right now got dam

The National

—Beautiful Head